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Willis W. Apple, PA

Willis W. Apple, PA, - 900 Old Winston Road - Kernersville, NC

5 Ways a Lawyer Can Help You When Your Divorce is Friendly

            Most people understand the value of an attorney when going through a “nasty divorce.” If you and your soon-to-be ex are fighting, you likely already recognize the benefit of having a professional in your corner. Involving lawyers into a hostile divorce can diffuse the tension as the professionals work through the issues, rather than the parties.

            But what about if you and your soon to be ex are getting along just fine after the break up? Lawyers can be just as useful in a friendly situation as in an unfriendly situation. Here are five things a lawyer can provide to a couple whose split is relatively friendly:

  1. Legal Skill. Drafting a separation agreement or child custody agreement, even if the parties agree on all the terms, still requires specialized legal skill. It is unlikely that someone with no legal knowledge will know the requirements and best practices for writing up separation agreements. By hiring an attorney, you ensure that the agreement you and your spouse make is legally enforceable, should you ever have to enforce it. 
  2. Life Happens. While no agreement will anticipate every possible change, a professionally written agreement can anticipate and resolve potential future issues before they happen. Divorce is already stressful. You set you and you ex up for future problems with agreements that fail to anticipate future changes.
  3. Address all the issues. There may be issues surrounding your divorce that a lawyer knows to ask about, that you and your spouse have never even considered.
  4. Objectivity. Divorces are emotional, even when the split is amicable. Working with a professional gives your settlement a set of objective eyes.
  5. Save Time. You likely will not need to go to court. If you hire a lawyer to handle your uncontested divorce, typically, none of the parties need to be present for the lawyer to obtain the divorce. You do not have to take time off work, or struggle with filing the correct paperwork.

            We are here to help you. If you are going through a separation, and would like more information specific to your case, please contact us to set up a consultation.


             Disclaimer: This blog discusses legal issues generally, and is intended to promote general knowledge. There are many nuances to every legal issue that are NOT discussed in this blog. This blog refers only to North Carolina law, unless otherwise stated. Laws in other jurisdictions vary. Nothing in the WWApple blog should be construed as legal advice. This blog does not form an attorney client relationship with any person. If you have a legal problem, always consult an attorney. Individual cases can vary greatly from general rules. If you would like to discuss a problem with us, please use our “contact us” page to schedule a consultation.